The Group is dedicated to providing products and services aimed at enhancing the experience of our customers. We believe that it is possible for people to live a healthy, fulfilling and inspired life. It is our mission and commitment to operate in a socially responsible manner and that our products, services and facilities always aim to represent a high level of quality.

We extend this commitment to all of our stakeholders including our staff and others within the community that we collaborate with as well as the people who participate in our business.

Our Staff

We have a dedicated and passionate team of employees all working together to create opportunities to transform lives and to improve the business.

The Group recruits a diverse workforce and promotes Equal Opportunity Employment with a focus on fairness and equality. We actively promote the culture of honest and open communication, teamwork and innovation; encourage and support the sharing and development of ideas that contribute to achieving strategic business objectives.

We believe in rewarding and recognising our people as a way to show our appreciation for their contributions to the success of the business, as well as an encouragement to them in achieving future goals and objectives.

The health and well-being of our employees is of the highest importance and we are committed to ensuring a safe, fair and healthy working environment. We have an active Workplace Health and Safety Committee who meet regularly to monitor safety policies and procedures, identify hazards and review all incidents and accidents. We also ensure we have adequate numbers of staff who are trained as First Aid Officers and Fire Wardens. In line with our philosophy we encourage our employees to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and all staff have access to our classes, facilities and practitioners.

Our Community

Our community involves a wide range of groups including guests and their families, suppliers, villa owners, business partners and charitable organisations. We believe that integrity in dealing with all our guests is essential for successful and sustainable business relationships.

In Alice Springs, we have strong connections with a number of industry and community associations and accreditation programs, which provide vital cooperative marketing and consumer brand recognition which benefit both Alice Springs Convention Centre and relevant associations or programs. We are members and active supporters of the Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory (“NT”), Tourism Central Australia (TCA), Australian Tourism Accreditation Program and Meetings Events Australia (MEA). We believe that the exchange of ideas and participation within economic and social forums is fundamental to our community’s success. Our Chief Operating Officer of Lasseters Hotel Casino is the chairperson of the Central Australia Liquor Accord - a voluntary committee established with representatives from licensed venues around Alice Springs, who are working together to effect positive change to the safety and wellbeing of the Central Australian Community through the delivery of Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) policies and procedures.

In Hunter Valley, the launch of our dedicated Corporate Wellness Program has made a positive difference to the community through providing a service that results in sustainable change, increased productivity, and a healthier, enthusiastic workplace. The Golden Door’s Corporate Wellness Program addresses all areas of health, wellness and mindfulness and how it relates to both personal and working lives. It brings about a paradigm shift in thinking which contributes to positive changes in the workplace culture and the business outcomes of organisations within the wider community.

The Group has taken an active role in supporting a number of charities and fundraising events. Through the provision of packages such as prizes or incentives for these events we help to raise much needed funds for their causes. Our marketing team also promotes awareness and support of these charitable organisations through our marketing materials. Over the last 12 months in Alice Springs, the Group has committed to sponsorships and recipients include but not limited to Chamber of Commerce NT, NT Cancer Council, EJ Whitten Foundation, Alice Springs Golf Club, Alice Springs Turf Club and Alice Springs Mountain Bike Club as well as significant discounts allocated annually to local schools for formal and year end events.

The Golden Door Elysia ("TGDE") in Hunter Valley has supported The Lung Foundation, Red Kite, Ovarian Cancer Australia, Warrah, One Sight, Beyond Blue, So They Can, Epworth Medical Foundation and The OTIS Foundation, to name just a few.

In addition to the orientation of our business and marketing activities, the Group encourages and supports our team members to participate in individual charitable or volunteer activities. The Group’s volunteer program in Hunter Valley welcomes volunteers every year, giving valuable hands-on experience through a five week live-in program, to individuals who are studying or hoping to pursue a career in the health, fitness or tourism industries. This program is accessed by people from the Australian region. These individuals are rewarded at the end of the five week program with a 5 Day Optimal Wellness program stay as a guest of the retreat.

Our Environment

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to sustainable, environmentallyfriendly practices that conserve our natural resources and protect the planet for future generations. We understand that even the smallest change can go towards making a big difference in our growing organisation.

We regularly review the environmental plan to ensure that it reflects changes in regulations and best practices. Voltage Power Optimisation units were installed in Alice Springs since 2016 which resulted in a 15.0% reduction in energy consumption per annum. Since the partnership with InterContinental Hotel Group ("IHG") in year 2016, Crowne Plaza Alice Springs Lasseters ("CPASL") has participated in IHG Green Engage programme and achieved Level 1 accreditation in November 2017. IHG Green Engage programme is an online environmental sustainability tool, comprises more than 200 specific recommendations or ‘Green Solutions’ designed to reduce hotels’ environmental impact. The programme helps to set and track specific reduction goals for usage of energy, carbon, water and waste. In year 2018, CPASL has begun initiatives for Level 2 of the programme and has taken steps to implement solutions such as sustainable purchasing and ingraining sustainability into hotel operations. Environmental Management System (EMS) is set up to formalise the policy, scope, implementation of initiatives, monitoring, measurement, and a responsibility matrix to ensure there is management and staff accountability.

To continuously improve our environmental footprint, TGDE in Hunter Valley has taken a number of initiatives, including partnership with food rescue organisation OzHarvest to donate excess food to charities to help the homeless; and partnership with Soap Aid to reprocess discarded portions of soaps into new soap bars and donating them to communities. TGDE also promotes environmental messages in all retreat villas to encourage health retreat guests to support environmental sustainability. In 2018, as an effort to reduce the use of plastic, TGDE transitioned its amenities range by replacing small disposable plastic bottles with large 500ml refillable bottles, for all guests villas and public areas.

It is anticipated that by adopting simple, environmentally friendly initiatives, we will raise awareness amongst stakeholders and the wider community.